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Honky Pong®

Taking Party Games to the Next Level!

Play Honky Pong!

Honky Pong ™️ Rulz

  1. If you want to, add a little of your favorite liquid to each cup

  2. A game can be played with 2 to 4 players per round and can be played as individuals or as teams.

  3. Each player is allowed 2 misses per turn and if you make it, you take it.

  4. It is recommended that each player is at least 6 feet from the front edge of the board.

  5. On each throw, the ball can be bounced or thrown.  However, the ball must hit the board or a cup on each throw, or the player will lose 5 points.

  6. If the ball lands in a cup, the cup is removed, the player collects the points for that cup, and continues their turn.

  7. Once a cup is removed, if the player’s throw goes through an open hole, the player will lose 5 points.

  8. There will be no points collected or removed if a ball bounces in and out of a cup or a hole.

  9. The game is done when all cups are removed and the player with the most points after all cups are removed is the winner.

  10. Of course, like all party games, HOUSE RULZ Apply!

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